Vaginal Tightening 101

There are many good reasons to consider vaginal tightening, and only some of them are cosmetic.

But let’s start there: vaginal tightening procedures can help the patients feel more confident and comfortable. When a part of the body feels out of place or unduly embarrassing, it can become a focus of obsessional thinking which colors the rest of everyday life. If that issue is in a place considered more intimate than others, it can affect intimacy across the board.

But vaginal tightening offers benefits that go far beyond the cosmetic. One expert put it this way:

DeLucia calls it “vaginal management,” addressing to some issues women might face as they age, such as incontinence, dryness, a drop off in estrogen, and – here’s the big one — a nosedive in sexual pleasure. “Our vaginas are not like rubber bands, they don’t just snap right back,” she says, citing laxity post-childbirth and gravity as two major causes of changes down there.

The best thing about vaginal rejuvenation procedures like ThermiVa is that they’re generally painless, fast to act, long-lasting, and easy. That means you can have the procedure done on an outpatient basis and be back to your active in in a matter of minutes.

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