Vaginal Beauty, Vaginoplasty and ThermiVa

Vaginoplasty is a more invasive surgical technique than something like ThermiVa, which is noninvasive, and simply uses radiofrequency waves to warm the area.

Vaginoplasty is an older procedure, one which is a true surgery: incisions are made and anesthesia is provided, and the goal is a reconstructed vulva with a new appearance.

ThermiVa, on the other hand, works through the skin without any incisions, promoting the body’s own collagen development to create a fuller, younger look without the need for medical fillers.

Here’s Wikipedia on the process of labiaplasty:

The post-operative outcome of vaginoplasty is variable; it usually allows coitus (sexual intercourse) after a week, although sensation might not always be present.

By way of contrast, ThermiVa patients can resume intercourse within a couple of days, and typically the sensation is far more intense and pleasurable than what came before.

If you’re trying to choose between vaginoplasty and ThermiVa, try to the easy way first. You find that this simple outpatient procedure addresses your needs far better than going under the knife.