ThermiVa Helps With All of It

ThermiVa, the revolutionary vaginal tightening procedure that uses ultrasound waves to promote collagen production, continues to roll. As more people try the procedure and word of mouth spreads, more women are becoming comfortable with the idea of vaginl rejuvenation without surgery.

One recent article describes the case of a young mother who found that ThermiVa helped her with more than just aesthetic concerns:

After delivering all five children vaginally, the 46-year-old found she had developed frequent urinary incontinence, particularly when she was laughing. With just two treatments, she said her issue had improved significantly, and she was now able to hold her bladder with much more ease.

‘A couple of days later, I had this laughing fit and I went to cross my legs, like I normally do, because if I’m laughing really hard, I have to cross myself,’ she explained. ‘And after I crossed myself I’ve gone, uh, there’s no need to! It was amazing!’

Urinary incontinence is just one item of many on the list of things that ThermiVa has shown to help with. Others include muscle laxity, sexual pleasure, and natural lubrication. It’s a little like a Swiss Army knife for vaginal concerns – one that involves no knives at all.

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