ThermiVa Earns 94% Rating on RealSelf

One more post today about the popularity of ThermiVa, the effective ultrasound cosmetic procedure that restores youth and vigor to vaginal tissues.

The crowdsourced discussion board on has long kept a running tally of how many women report that ThermiVa is “worth it”. As of today, that result tops the charts at 94%.

Read into some of the reviews and you begin to understand why. ThermiVa enhances appearances and sexual pleasure simultaneously, and does so after just a single painless treatment:

After the first of 3 treatments I’ve already experienced significant improvements and looking forward to the next two treatments. In addition to the medical treatment it tighten the inside.

Regarding the orgasmic issues — (of course I had to do my own research)–
Last night, I had the most intense orgasm than I had in more than 15 yrs.
I’ll keep you updated as my treatments progress.

I’ve been having leakage for probably 20 years after delivering 4 children including twins. I’ve just lived with it all these years. My doctor told me I didn’t have to so I tried this new procedure today. I am really wanting it to work but am kind of skeptical. It’s kind of too good to be true!!

ThermiVa works well for the vast majority of women. Dr. Maz Ghodsian is Beverly Hills’s most respected expert in ThermiVa and vaginal beauty treatments.

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