ThermiVa and Urinary Incontinence

ThermiVa is a simple procedure which helps to tighten the walls of the vagina, restoring plumpness and elasticity to the surrounding tissues. Although it is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, ThermiVa also offers a number of collateral benefits, including improved sexual pleasure, and a decrease in urinary incontinence.

Why is this? Urinary incontinence is often caused by a natural laxity that occurs in the muscles of this area which is associated with age, pregnancy, injury, or a combination of all three. Laxity is precisely what ThermiVa was designed to combat, creating a more tightly woven sheet of fibrous tissue as the body produces collagen:

ThermiVA is an excellent procedure with high satisfaction rate for varies of benefits, Insurance does not cover the procedure to my knowledge. If [you’re] thinking of a bladder sling, I would recommended following up with your gynecologist post treatment to discuss it in detail. But in a short answer, ThermiVA will help with stress incontinence.

This is a godsend for many women who must otherwise prepare for, and recover from, multiple episodes daily where their bladders fails them in public. Many women who undergo ThermiVa for other reasons come back for this venefit alone, as it helps to improve their lives in unexpected ways.

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