Real Talk: It’s Time to Call a Vagina a Vagina

Lady parts. Nether regions. Down there. Flower. Vajayjay.

Many women resort to using code names when referring to their vagina. This practice is not healthy, and it is high time that we talk about our body parts without having to resort to cutesy nicknames.

Call a Spade a Spade

As Hermione Granger puts it, “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

By calling the vagina other names, you are sending out the wrong signal that the vagina is something to be ashamed of.

Stop Shaming the Vagina

When you use phrases such as “vajayjay” or “cooch,” you make the genitals a source of shame, instead of pride. Using euphemisms is a sign of the bigger problem we have with female sexuality.

Whenever a woman’s sexual health is being talked about, there’s always a level of shame and discomfort associated with it. People are so uncomfortable with the topic of female sexuality that they would rather describe it using ridiculous terms rather than be straightforward.

This should not be the case because sexuality is a natural part of the human experience, which is why women should just own up to the fact that they do have a vagina, and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Celebrating the Vagina

Using other names just to put other people at ease only dances around the real issue at hand. As a result, many young women cannot identify their vaginal parts, and don’t know where their vulva, cervix, or labia are located.

It is time to celebrate the vagina by calling it by its name, and by being comfortable with the female sexuality. This includes being comfortable with the fact that women can now undergo a vaginal rejuvenation surgery in order to restore the vagina’s tightness and muscle tone.

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