More Enthusiasm for Vaginal Beauty

It wasn’t long ago that the only viable option for improving the appearance of an aging vagina was vaginoplasty. This surgical procedure was fairly invasive, cutting and reshaping tissues not unlike how a facial plastic surgeon works.

The results were permanent, but imperfect: complications weren’t uncommon, and many women took weeks or months to recover fully. Moreover, because the procedure was cosmetic rather than natural, the improved appearance did not always translate into improved sexual experiences: many women found the altered tissue painful or uncomfortable, and some lost sensation in the process.

ThermiVa is very different. Using nothing more invasive than radio wave energy of the sort that women see in ultrasounds every day, ThermiVa is utterly gentle. When the waring RF waves enter the area, the body produces more collagen. The collagen is your own – it’s not a filler or an implant – which means it comes with new nerve endings as well.

Many women report that procedures such as these enhance their sex lives, not just because they makes them feel more attractive, but because they make everything tighter and more responsive in the moment. As one woman recently announced:

Now I have no leakage concerns and have an amazing sex life with my new partner, much better than ever before!’

ThermiVa procedures are simple and fast. To learn more and book an appointment with the elite vaginal beauty team at MedBar Beverly Hills, call us today.

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