Let’s Talk About Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Woman have innumerable ways to improve the look, feel, and pleasure of their vaginas these days. From minimally invasive procedures like ThermiVa to full vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, there are more options than ever to improve your outlook down below.

Recently Cosmopolitan Magazine took a deep dive into some of the most popular procedures available to women, focusing on three leading choices. All of these are true surgical procedures, and all are designed primarily to improve cosmetic concerns rather than to treat a medical condition (although they can often do both).

One of the most common wishes among women is to tighten the vagina, thus producing enhanced sensitivity for both the woman and her partner. But a true vaginoplasty can be painful before it’s pleasurable:

“Vaginal birth stretches out the tissues, and then they shrink back down, but never to where they were before,” Dr. Blatt says. “Lots of patients complain of lack of sensation during intercourse and them or their partners feeling looseness.” The procedure involves joining muscles in your vagina with dissolvable stitches, decreasing the diameter of your vagina.

We believe we have a better way at MedBar Beverly Hills. ThermiVa uses nothing more than ultrasound waves to stimulate your body’s collagen production. Collagen is a “fountain of youth” tissue which gives your body’s outer layers firmness and strength. In the vaginal canal, this fullness is widely associated with greatly increased pleasure during sex.

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