La ThermiVa Doctors Leading the Way

ThermiVa is a sophisticated FDA-approved procedure to help tighten and enhance the muscle tone of the labia and surrounding areas. This procedure uses radiofrequency energy to warm the tissues, promoting new collagen growth and improving issues with laxity.

The procedure carries other benefits as well, from resolved urinary incontinence to reports of increased sexual pleasure.

It’s a lot of love for the new system, which may be why this procedure is racking up accolades across a number of medical fields.

Recently, ThermiVa took Top Ten honors in three categories of aesthetic medicine among a poll consisting of “the top 100 professionals in the aesthetic industry including Top Doctors, Top Company Presidents and CEOs, Top Company Executives, Aesthetic Society Presidents, Presidents of Top Aesthetic Meetings and the Top 1% of Company Account Managers in America.”

ThermiVa is an easy and relaxing procedure. Our Los Angeles ThermiVa doctors offer the vanguard in convenience and simplicity, and our medical credentials ensure that your health is always protected.

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