How Does ThermiVa Work?

Our most popular procedure is surprisingly simple. ThermiVa is a systemm that uses a curved wand to direct radio frequency energy into the tissues surrounding the labia and vagina.

These tissues respond to the warming energy as other body parts do, treating the warmth as a mild injury and stimulant, and creating compensatory collagen to protect the body from future infusions of radio waves.

This collagen is actually desirable, as it is one of the true fountain of youth tissues that our bodies produce. Collagen erases wrinkles, adds fullness, and increases sensitivity in areas like the vagina where it can actually enhance women’s sexual pleasure:

It works fast, too. ThermiVa treatments take under an hour, and many women feel the difference immediately. Reports of improved urinary incontinence and sexual enjoyment typically follow within a matter of days, which may be why so many women return for followup treatments after a couple of months.

ThermiVa is a safe and easy way to regain some youthfulness and confidence when you undress. If you’d like to learn more, contact the best: Dr. Maz is LA’s premier ThermiVa provider.