Buttocks Acne

Most buttocks skin is a smooth surface without any lesions, bumps, pimples or growths. The appearance of blemishes such as these can indicate something as common as genetic loading, as comparatively harmless as unhealthy eating habits/abnormal bowel movements, or as serious as a cancerous growth or infection.

Any changes in the anal skin and perianal skin must be examined by a Proctologist for prompt intervention and treatment.

Some of the most common causes of buttocks acne include:

  • Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating in the gluteal folds and buttocks, especially after working out, can lead to buttocks acne.
  • Exposure to fecal matter: Feces contain bacteria. If left on the anus for a long time, this fecal matter can infect the surrounding skin and even the mucous lining of the anus, especially if there is an open cut.
  • Improper hygiene and cleaning: Improper cleaning of the anus after defecation leaves fecal matter behind, which can again be a cause of infection.
  • Friction: Rigorous cleaning of the anus with tissues and cloth causes friction which can result in irritation and subsequent infection or dermatitis.
  • Genetics: Hereditary factors can cause buttocks acne.

‚ÄčTreatment for acne, bumps and lesions in the anal area depends on the underlying cause or disease condition. If you are having buttocks acne, we can help! Call us for an appointment and evaluation.