Real Talk: Is Anal Bleaching Right for You?

Bleaching is the newest treatment to take center stage in the world of cosmetics. Anal bleaching is one of the hottest current beauty trends, a painless process that lets men and women lighten the skin that surrounds their anus, known as perianal skin.

Patients seeking this treatment are looking for a more balanced color contour around their anal opening, one which blends in with their buttocks to leave them feeling more glamorous and confident.

Anal bleaching is performed with medical-grade bleaching gels and techniques to lighten skin imperfections and hyperpigmentation. It’s a low risk procedure which ensures impressive effects without adverse symptoms. Typical results vary from person to person, depending upon their respective type and color of skin.

Anal bleaching is becoming a highly sought-after cosmetic service, springing up in elite salons and spas in major metropolitan areas across the country. Med Bar is leading the way in the heart of Beverly Hills. If you want to feel more beautiful and confident during your most intimate moments, please reach out to us today.