Hemorrhoids are inflamed or irrtated blood vessels which appear in or around the anus, and which can be internal, external, or thrombosed.

Hemorrhoids are more than just an aesthetic problem. Hemorrhoids can cause pain, itching, bleeding, and bulging tissues. They can affect your confidnece because of their appearance, and affect intimate pleasure because of the pain and bleeding they produce.

Treating Hemorrhoids for Beauty

Med Bar is the world’s leading practice for buttocks rejuvenation and beauty, which means that all of our treatments are designed to enhance your comfort and appearance simultaneously. Hemorrhoids can usually be removed through sitz baths, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, or medications. In moderate to severe cases, gentle surgical interventions may be indicted, including:

  • Sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a solution to help remove hemorrhoids
  • Rubber band ligation (hemorrhoid banding), which cuts off the blood supply to hemorrhoids painlessly
  • Infrared Coagulation, which uses a probe to form scar tissue and remove hemorroids at the source

If you are uncomfortable physically or emotionally with the appearance of hemorrhoids, don’t hesitate. Contact Med Bar for the premier approach to discreet and safe hemorrhoid removal in Beverly Hills.